Small Scale Wind Turbine

  • At t=0, the RPM is zero for the wind turbine.
  • Wind turbine slowly gains rotational speed due to the wind rotating the blades.
  • The frictional torque is zero and the wind speed is 1 m/s
  • OpenFOAM: dynamicFvMesh used with sixDoFRigidBodyMotion

Particle Laden Air Simulation in a Room

Ceiling Mounted Units: 3D view

Floor Mounted Unit: Front view

Ceiling Mounted Units: Side view

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Improved Blade Stall Predictions

Results with the Proposed length scale:


RANS                                                        DDES                                              DDES (new length scale)

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Improved results with new shielding

  • Using APG correction in conjunction with SSM length scale may be redundant.
  • SSM Length Scale:  Reduced length scale near-wall region à Reduced eddy viscosity in the outer layer.
  • APG correction: Re-calibration of Von Karman constant based on APG